Easy Guide to Buying Mother’s Day Jewellery

Mother’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to let your mum know just how much she means to you.  Jewellery is a particularly thoughtful gift for your mum as she will appreciate the time and consideration that you’ve taken in choosing the perfect piece for her.  Even better she will be reminded of this kindness every time she wears it.  Major brownie points!

Now all you have to do is choose it!  Don’t worry we’re here to help with our easy guide to buying Mother’s Day jewellery.

Trendy mum enjoys fashion and knows what suits her.  Her style can change fairly often as she follows the latest trends but generally her look is contemporary and uncluttered.  Clean simple designs that feature different textures are definitely the key to her look.  This brushed silver moon necklace is just up her street!

Vintage mum (by which I mean her style not her age!) is currently enjoying her style revival right now with her quirky individual retro look finally coming back into fashion in a big way!  This mum has a wardrobe bursting with fashion from every decade so no need to go scouring the vintage shops for you, just make sure you ask before you borrow her favourite retro dress for a night out!

Vintage mum will love this marcasite bow brooch, perfect to jazz up that cardi, hat, scarf or jacket.  Or is Art Deco is her thing, try black onyx jewellery for something really special.

Classic mum is elegant and always well presented.  It’s important to her to look groomed and she enjoys taking the time to carefully choose the right piece of jewellery to co-ordinate with her outfit for the day.

This secret necklace is a contemporary take on the classic pearl necklace and it won’t break the bank either!  These freshwater pearls, interspersed on delicate silver chain, look great by themselves and even better when worn in pairs of different lengths.  For a statement look wear all 3 lengths together over a plain top or dress, classic mum will love you for this!

Mother nature is the mum who appreciates the bounty of this wonderful planet we find ourselves on.  Her style is sometimes eclectic and usually individual, which you might think would make choosing jewellery rather difficult.  But not so!  More than any of the other mum’s this one will appreciate the thought you show in choosing her gift.  The perfect jewellery gift for her has to be natural gemstones, as she will appreciate their healing properties as much as the jewellery design itself.

This Wish Upon A Charm – Candy Cuddles necklace is perfect. Featuring natural Aquamarine for calm and confidence nestled beside natural Rose Quartz for beauty and harmony. Not to mention the little Freshwater Pearl for love and peace of mind.

The best thing about the Wish Upon A Charm collection is that you can choose which stones and charms you wish to create a bespoke necklace designed especially by you.  What mum would not love a bespoke necklace designed by their child?!

Of course our mum’s style can sometimes change like the wind, it’s a woman’s prerogative!  So choose something that grabs you, makes you smile when you think of how happy she will be on opening your gift.  Choose something you can imagine her wearing but don’t always go for the safe choice, sometimes mums just need a gentle push in a different style direction.  Change is as good as a rest, so they say!


Birthstone March; Aquamarine

By her who is this month was born
No gem save Aquamarines shall be worn
they will ensure her constancy
True friendship and fidelity.

Aquamarine is the birthstone of March and is believed to be the stone of faithfulness, courage and friendship.  It is said to increase spiritual awareness, to relieve stress and to enhance communication skills. It encourages light-heartedness, confidence and creativity.

Aquamarine from Latin: aqua marina, “water of the sea”, was prized by sailors as they believed it would keep them safe and prevent seasickness.

Aquamarine ranges in colour from a very pale, almost clear, blue to deep blue aqua, the darker the colour the more valuable the stone.

The most valuable aquamarines come from Brazil, but it is also mined in Kenya and Nigeria, Madagascar, Zambia, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Afghanistan, USA and Russia.

Everyone loves a hug and this pretty little candy cuddles charm necklace is just as comforting! Featuring natural Aquamarine for calm and confidence nestled beside natural Rose Quartz for beauty and harmony. Not to mention the little Freshwater Pearl for love and peace of mind!

These soothing gemstones are complimented perfectly with this lovely Sterling Silver teapot charm. Put your feet up, grab a cuppa and catch up with the latest from your friends! All are highlighted with a fabulous little Swarovski crystal in ‘Turquoise’ that sparkles as it catches the light.

This is from the ‘ready to wear‘ Wish Upon A Charm collection but you can also create your very own necklace!

These little blue crystal cluster earrings are just so versatile.  Made from the best (Swarovski) crystal with Sterling Silver – carefully chosen colours are clustered together for small pieces with maximum effect.  They look just fabulous when they sparkle as they catch the light, whether that’s sunlight or candlelight!

Trend: Black Swan Jewellery Style

Fresh from it’s Oscar success Black Swan has been one of the biggest films this year with Natalie Portman winning an Oscar for her stunning performance.

Not surprising then that ballerina inspired fashion is popping up everywhere.  So look out for wrap tops, ballet pumps and even tutu’s appearing on a high street near you!

Feathers are also a big trend this season; and it doesn’t matter whether you wear them on a wrap, skirt, top, accent or hair band, wear a little or a lot, and you’re bang on trend.

In the film Natalie Portman wore a delicate little silver flower necklace, rather like this one.  Very pretty at first glance, take a second glance and you see that the Sterling Silver flower is carefully ‘sand-blasted’ to give a frosted effect. This is contrasted with a highly polished border. Perfect for when you’re feeling wonderfully feminine.

This bracelet (below) just says black swan to me; perhaps it’s the dark seductive black onyx stones highlighted with flashes of sparkling clear crystals and delicate freshwater pearls.  If you’re more of a white swan this bracelet also comes in an angelic white gemstone mix too.

Natalie Portman also wore a delicate pair of silver drop earrings similar to these petite pillow hearts.  As cute as a button, these mini hearts are all puffed up with contented love.

How To Wear The Black Swan Ballet Look

Think dark, seductive, glamorous and sexy and you’re there!  Wear this trend up close and personal with a simple strappy skintight vest, leotard or corset, they key is to make it figure hugging.  Bottom wise, it’s got to be a skirt; it’s short and its full, it’s tulle, feather or thick satin.

Wear with statement black onyx jewellery, preferably art deco style, as it will really pull the whole look together. Accessorise with sky-high heels and a jacket or hair band with feather detailing.  Word of warning, don’t go overboard on the feathers otherwise you’ll look more like a turkey than a swan!

How To Wear The White Swan Ballet Look

The white swan is, well, the exact opposite.  It’s delicate, innocent, pale and very interesting.  This look will work really well for those nude pieces you will have in your wardrobe.  Mix them with delicate blush pinks and ivory whites to create the colour palette for your look.  This season is not about matching it’s definitely more about an eclectic mix of textures and toning colours.

Add a little vintage style with freshwater pearls and marcasite jewellery or a little delicate sparkle with crystal gem stud earrings. Complete the look with a well-chosen feather accessory; a bag would work perfectly.

Birthstone February; Amethyst

The February born shall find
Sincerity and peace of mind,
Freedom from passion and from care,
If they, the amethyst will wear.

Amethyst prevents intoxication; well that’s what the ancient Greeks believed!  They carved drinking vessels from amethyst in the belief that it would prevent them from getting drunk, worth a try?

Amethyst is known as the ancient healer of body, mind and spirit. It cleanses, purifies, restructures and renews. It is said to open spiritual and psychic centres, to reduce mental tension and to induce pleasant healing dreams.

Therefore wear to reduce anger, impatience and nightmares. Amethyst helps to prevent over-indulgence and encourages the breaking of bad habits.

The colour purple became associated with wealth and royalty, as purple materials were expensive due to the high cost of producing the dye.  Purple looks delicious when worn with any shade of lavender, olive, light grey or navy.  Not to mention shades of pink, and red for a bold contrast!

This aptly named ‘truly scrumptious’ bracelet brings together an irresistible mix of freshwater pearls and different shapes of amethyst to create this luxuriously tactile hand-made bracelet.

Small but perfectly formed these gorgeous Swarovski crystal earrings are created with carefully chosen colours clustered together for maximum effect.  Just fabulous when they shimmer as they catch the light!

Keep it simple with this beautiful natural amethyst pendant.  Perfect on it’s own but also a great starting necklace on which to add other gemstones or silver charms from our ‘Wish Upon a Charm’ collection.

To see more amethyst and purple coloured jewellery click here.

Valentine’s Day Jewellery Ideas

If you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day gift that will last longer than the customary flowers and chocolates, then well-chosen jewellery is a wonderfully thoughtful gift.

What I love about jewellery is that it’s so much more than just a pretty piece of shiny metal, sculpted into an attractive design.  Jewellery can carry memories.  Perhaps of a particular event or location, maybe of the person who gave it to you or possibly the many wonderful times you’ve had when wearing it.  Jewellery really can put a smile on your face over and over again!

Need some help in choosing just the right jewellery gift?  Here are some ideas for the classic, funky and elegant ladies in your life!  If you’re still stuck just give us a call and we will be happy to give you some tailored suggestions for that special someone.

Classic Valentine’s Jewellery

This wonderful ‘open-hearted’ silver necklace is something she can wear with almost every outfit.  I love this definition of ‘open-hearted’: “It’s about being authentic, complete in ourselves, genuine, sincere, honest and giving.” Well, what’s better than giving (or receiving!) this authentic and honest piece of Sterling Silver jewellery? It’s a simple, clean-lined, beautiful heart on a smooth snake chain. The chain passes through a loop at the back, which allows the heart to look like it’s almost floating.

Funky Valetine’s Jewellery

This wonderfully substantial silver heart necklace is certainly a statement piece! Large and lovely, the heart has a texture something like you get when you’ve scrunched up a silver chocolate wrapper, then straightened it out again. Ahhh, simple things can please us all!

Elegant Valentine’s Jewellery

With its clean and crisp design this lovely silver heart bangle is a must have with it’s lovely little pillow heart charm.  Looks as great with jeans as it does with a cocktail dress, so easy to wear, again and again!

Get More from Your Jewellery

Ok, so you ate and spent too much over the festive period and, I don’t know about you, but I’m so over the cold, dark days of winter; I need a little spring in my step and I’m not talking about another trip to the gym!

So how to spend less, but get more from your jewellery?  The secret is to reinvent your favourite outfits by accessorising them with one key piece of jewellery that will work the new season’s trend. Then wear, wear, and wear it!

Now you’re wondering what this amazing key trend is that will transform your wardrobe?  It’s flowery, it’s folksy and it’s 70’s inspired… call it arts and crafts, call it home spun, call it what you like!  We’re talking flares, platforms, maxi skirts and florals, team it with a crochet knit if you dare!

Yes it’s still cold, but who says you can’t wear that flowery dress with a silky thermal underneath, a contrasting cardi over the top and teamed with tights and boots?  And what about that key piece of jewellery?

It’s got to be floral and I love this gorgeous venus rose necklace.  It’s just so versatile, it looks as great with jeans as it does with a cocktail dress, definitely makes a statement.  I’ve been wearing mine forever and its still drawing compliments, so if there is one piece of jewellery that has been value for money this is it!

But it’s a new year; new season (and it’s my birthday) so I’m going to treat myself, just can’t decide between these two exclusive handmade necklaces.  The first is the very cute little coy flowers necklace that will look great with a ditsy flower print dress.

Then there’s the utterly gorgeous handpicked necklace with its little asymmetrical flower to give it that little something extra – such a dilemma!

Birthstone January; Garnet

By her who in January was born
No gem save garnets shall be worn
They will ensure her constancy
True friendship and fidelity.

Garnet is the traditional birthstone of January.  The name garnet may come from either the Middle English word gernet meaning dark red, or the Latin granatus (grain), possibly a reference to the pomegranate’s red seeds.

Vivien Vintage Marcasite & Garnet Leaf Brooch

Vivien Vintage Marcasite & Garnet Leaf Brooch

Garnets actually come in almost every colour, except blue but the most recognised is the deep red variety.

Garnet jewellery has had a massive resurgence over the past few years as the trend for vintage jewellery spreads.  Deep red garnets work particularly well alongside Marcasite jewellery giving that sought after antique feel.

Dark red garnet jewellery looks great worn with shades of olive and brown.  Or make a statement and wear with black or burnt orange.

Winter Garden & Dragonfly Necklace - Garnet, Freshwater Pearl

Winter Garden & Dragonfly Necklace - Garnet, Freshwater Pearl

The garnet is believed to have many healing properties.  Garnet is said to enhance creativity, passion and imagination. It is associated with faith, truth, love, devotion, honesty and chivalry.

It is also said to draw out negativity, to increase well-being and to protect from harm.  Now that’s a good start to the New Year!

If you’re looking for an alternative to the garnet gemstone there’s lots of deep red coloured jewellery to tempt you also.  Like this lovely Winter Garden Necklace, or for something completely original try this Rich Jewel Mix Necklace with multiple gemstones it’s definitely a got the wow factor!